Card Types

There are 3 types of cards:

  • Creature – a creature can fight, can have some abilities and gathers VP if it wins a fight.
  • Hack – Hacks can upgrade or downgrade a creature permanently.
  • Support – Have a short effect. Can be put into a block slot.

Most cards have costs and yield (in crystals). The costs have to be payed when playing the card, the yield is what you get back when you play the card.


Tridek has a big focus on creatures. So these cards are the most common cards to play.

Combat Strength

Every creature has two combat strength values. The upper one is used, if the creature is currently placed in the ATK row, the lower is used when the creature is in the RES row.

Victory Points

The VP on the upper right corner are used when a creature wins a fight. The controlling player will gain the number of VP on his card (half of it if the defeated creature was in the RES row).


A creature can have one or more abilities  These can be triggered under certain circumstances. For example when the creature enters or leaves the playing field. Or even as long as it stays on the battlefield. An ability can be connected to a condition and may not be activated if the condition fails.

Tridek also differs between two main kinds of abilities:

  • Active Ability – abilities where the player has to actively decide to use the ability.
  • Passive Ability – abilities which trigger automatically


Hacks can modify any value of a creature on the battlefield or give a creature an additional ability. When playing a Hack it needs a target creature to which the hack is applied to. The target can either be one of your own or one of the opponent’s creatures. The Hack is placed below the creature with a little offset to visualize the permanent buff. A creature can have up to two Hacks applied to it.


Support cards have a short effect which can last not longer than until end of the current turn.

Support cards can either be played in your action phases or they can be put into block slots and can be activated in this way during the opponents turn.