Game Components

Playing Field

The Playing Field consists of two equal parts each dedicated to one of the two players. On each side there are two rows with three columns reserved for the permanent cards the certain player controls (mainly creatures). There are also three “Block Slots” where players can drop cards in their turn in order to activate those cards under certain circumstances during the opponent’s turn. Eventually there is space for the crystals (the resources in Tridek), the deck and the rest zone (discard pile) on the playing field.


The ATK and RES Row

The two rows for the permanent cards affect the cards on them in a different way. The upper Row is the Attack (ATK) row, the lower is the Resistance (RES) row. Creatures each fit in one slot of a row.

The Block Slots

Block slots give the players the option to interrupt the opponent’s actions or modify the creature’s values during an opponent’s attack.

There are three block slots each reserved for a different reaction to the opponents actions:

  • Deploy Creature – can be activated every time the opponent deploys a creature
  • Attack – can be activated whenever an opponent attacks with one of his creatures
  • Support – can be activated whenever an opponent plays a support card

There cannot be more than one card in each block slot at the same time.

Only support and mod cards (or special marked cards) can be put into a block slot.

When activating a card in a block slot, the costs have to be paid but no yield will be returned.

The Crystals

Tridek uses crystals as a resource. There are three different colors of crystals: red, green and blue.

The players start with 3 crystals of each color. When playing a card, the card’s costs have to be paid in the defined color. Then the player receives a yield in another color which is also defined on the card. The maximum amount of crystals of one color a player can have is 7. All exceeding crystals are lost.

The Deck

The deck consists of those cards of one player which are not in the players hand, on the battle field or in the rest zone. The deck is shuffled and faced down in the beginning of the game.

The Rest Zone

When a creature dies, it is put into the rest zone. If there were Hacks applied to it, those hacks are put into the rest zone as well. When a Support card is played, it is put into the rest zone as soon as its effect has been resolved completely.