The Basics

Tridek is a Digital Trading Card Game (TCG). That means that there are a lot of different cards available but each player can only use 30-40 cards to build his or her custom deck. As in all TCG’s rulings on cards always overwrite the game rules for the cards scope. If you know some of the other popular Trading Card Games you might think 30 cards are too few for a fair competition. But one of the USP of tridek is the lack of resource cards. Instead all cards have costs and yields. In Tridek each player sends creatures onto a battlefield to fight his opponent’s creatures. Those creature’s “control units” can be hacked via cards to augment or hinder them. There are also support cards which have an instant effect and some other kinds of cards. In the world of Galena Tridek is a sport. This means it is not about killing. Therefore there are no life points for players or creatures. There are only Victory Points (VP). Whenever a creature wins a fight its controller gains as many VP as observed on the creature card. The first player who reaches 30 VP wins the game.